Automated Solutions

Streamline Your Operations

“Look up and Automate” with warehouse optimization. After all, you pay for the square footage of your warehouse, not the cubic footage. MHS Lift thinks “inside the box” – meaning your warehouse – and uses that entire vertical capacity of the building to your advantage.

MHS Lift’s knowledge and experience in warehouse optimization helps businesses across the nation maximize space utilization, optimize the business operation while simultaneously increasing efficiency. Using the most current technology available, we can provide you with the industry leading Automated Solution to drive your business to maximum success!





A material handling supply company unlike any other, we excel at delivering high-quality customer and equipment service, embracing innovation that matters, and using our resources to create the best possible experience from the inside out.

Why MHS Lift?

Our mission is to continue to be a nationally-recognized material handling supplier that offers equipment and warehouse optimization design services by upholding the highest standards of delivering excellent customer service and acting ethically through our dedicated, empowered workforce.

Integrated Solutions

Warehouse layout and design is the foundation on which businesses operate. Creating operational efficiency from the ground up will ensure a business is set up for success. These standards will help the business run smoothly and create room to adapt and modify operations as needed.