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We help increase productivity and operational efficiency for businesses across the nation.

Optimizing warehouse processes and effectively using every square inch


Warehouse layout and design is the foundation on which businesses operate. Creating operational efficiency from the ground up will ensure a business is set up for success.

Efficient warehouses set high-efficiency standards, helping the business run smoothly while allowing it to adapt and modify operations as needed.

Even if a warehouse is considered to be operating efficiently, there may be room for refining and identifying opportunities for improvement, which can instantly boost performance and capabilities. That’s where MHS Integrated Solutions, the warehouse optimization segment of our business, can help.

In addition to creating a more effective workflow, our warehouse optimization and automation strategies have significant financial benefits. Often, businesses lose a substantial amount of money due to mis-ships, out-of-stocks, returns, and human error – all which can be connected to inefficient processes. These can all be avoided through optimized workflows and adjusting existing processes.

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When a warehouse reaches approximately 85% capacity or a business is evaluating costs and seeking more efficiency, warehouse space planning can be the solution. The first step is to evaluate and consider the options – and that is where MHS Integrated Solutions can help.


Expansion may be a consideration, but it may not be necessary. We evaluate the potential of building up.


After evaluating lift equipment and use, it may be possible to decrease aisle width by up to 50% thus gaining more space.


Picking paths and use can be analyzed to ensure the paths and process are effective or if they can be refined.


Building up and installing a mezzanine can greatly increase space and overall storage capacity.


Evaluating racking solutions is key. For instance, a change from a single-deep rack to a double-deep rack may optimize the space and make it more efficient.


For some, new and innovative technology and warehouse automation may be an optimal solution.

Warehouse Automation

Warehouse automation is one of the most effective ways to manage the costs – specifically in the long-term – and increase profits. Automation and warehouse technology implementation can reduce labor demands, improve accuracy, and create efficiency. Warehouse automation includes software, automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), and automating a variety of other operational functions. Interested in warehouse automation? Complete the contact form and our team will assist and provide more information about how MHS Integrated Solutions can help.

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Warehouse Supplies

Our warehouse supplies and services can help optimize any warehouse, of any size, in any location. Learn more about what we offer and how these services can offer an effective warehouse design and increase overall performance and workflow efficiency.

Industrial / Warehouse pallet racking

We design and implement pallet racking and provide office and retail shelving, high-density storage systems, mobile aisle systems, and rack supported pick modules.

Loading dock and door

We provide and service all makes of loading docks, overhead doors, and fans.

Mezzanines and Modular offices

Mezzanines create more space by optimizing cubic footage. Modular buildings create multifunctional, organized spaces.

Vertical and Overhead Lifts

We offer ergonomic solutions designed to reduce the burden on employees and safely increase efficiency.

Conveyor systems

We design, implement, and service conveyor systems for everything from small parcels to full pallets.

Commercial and Retail Shelving

We help automate warehouse processes including the use of Goods to Man, End of Line Robotics, AS/RS, AGV’s and pick/pack/ship processes.