Fleet Management

Improving operations and optimizing your investment.


The MHS Lift approach to fleet management is to be proactive. It’s about ensuring your equipment is up and running – and stays that way.

Equipped with a comprehensive report and analysis, MHS Lift service representatives make it a point to proactively schedule checkins with clients and meet on-site and review their investment. Representatives will offer insights into the amount of money spent on maintenance and if possible, how to reduce the spend if possible and the ideal timing to replace equipment.

MHS Lift will analyze parts usage to understand any application or operations issues that may cause premature failure. In addition, this information can be accessed by customers through the customer web portal.

  • Utilization analysis
  • Parts usage analysis
  • Optimal time to retire a lift
  • Cost per hour

MHS Lift offers Crown fleet products

Operator and Fleet Management

Tap into the pulse of your warehouse and use operational data to make better decisions that improve safety and productivity and save time and money.

Fleet Maintenance Management

Accurately and efficiently track total maintenance history and cost across the enterprise to better control processes, enhance asset planning and improve fleet health.

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Customer Web Portal

Complimentary customer portal to view status, use, and service history.


Tracking and reporting vehicle and operator utilization data to drive productivity.


Ensuring safety and efficacy in operations by offering training for personnel.


A material handling supply company unlike any other, we excel at delivering high-quality customer and equipment service, embracing innovation that matters, and using our resources to create the best possible experience from the inside out.

Why MHS Lift?

Our mission is to continue to be a nationally-recognized material handling supplier that offers equipment and warehouse optimization design services by upholding the highest standards of delivering excellent customer service and acting ethically through our dedicated, empowered workforce.

Integrated Solutions

Warehouse layout and design is the foundation on which businesses operate. Creating operational efficiency from the ground up will ensure a business is set up for success. These standards will help the business run smoothly and create room to adapt and modify operations as needed.