Robopac Packaging Equipment

Robopac offers industrial wrapping machines, palletizers and case packers to streamline packaging in any industry.

Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrappers

Semi-automatic stretch wrappers are perfect for operations with minimal throughput or rotating product lines. We offer robot stretch wrappers, horizontal and vertical configurations to provide our customers with portability, adaptability and space efficiency.

Robot S7

  • 30 loads per hour
  • 86” wrap height
  • Wraps and length, width, or weight (over 200 lbs.)
  • Wraps 200-250 loads on a single charge

Compacta Series

  • Horizontal rotating ring stretch wrappers
  • Compacta 4, 6, 9, 12
  • 58-150 RPM

Orbit R

  • Horizontal Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper
  • Up to 53″ diameter ring
  • Up to 180 RPM
  • Automatic Start/Stop operation. Includes belt conveyors.

Spiror HP

  • Horizontal Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper
  • Up to 35″ diameter ring
  • Up to 260 RPM
  • Automatic Start/Stop operation. Includes belt conveyors.

Masterplat Turntable

  • Vertical Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper
  • 30 loads/hour
  • 110″ wrap height
  • 250% pre-stretch

Rotoplat Turntable

  • Vertical Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper
  • 30 loads/hour
  • 110″ wrap height
  • 400% pre-stretch

Technoplat Turntable

  • Vertical Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper
  • 40 pallets/hour
  • 110″ wrap height
  • 400% pre-stretch and remote-control start/stop

Automatic Stretch Wrappers

For high-volume facilities, an automatic stretch wrapper can streamline the packaging process to deliver securely wrapped goods to their destination with consistency, speed and no damage.

LT Automatic

  • 30 – 35 loads per hour
  • Includes 5 foot infeed and outfeed conveyors
  • Fixed 200% pre-stretch


Optimize your operational efficiency by automating your palletizing process. Robopac robotic palletizers offer concurrent stretch wrapping and positive product handling, confirming proper load construction prior to layer deposit.

TopTier Low Infeed Palletizer

  • Up to 1 to 3 layers per minute
  • Modular design
  • Allen Bradley controls
  • Concurrent stretch wrapping option available

TopTier Robotier Robotic Cell Palletizer

  • Up to 3 layers per minute
  • Case dimensions: Minimum 6″ Maximum 29″ Maximum Weight: 220lbs
  • Products: Case, bag, bundle, display tray and more

Case Packers

Incorporating case packers into your warehouse operations contributes to increased throughput, so your business can meet high demand while maintaining quality. Robopac case packers are designed with advanced technology to ensure reliable performance, ease of changeover and low total cost of ownership.

DIMAC Nova Case Packer

  • 30 packs per minute (PPM)
  • Total Length: F – 266″, P – 266″, T – 332″
  • Machine width including electric panel: 62”
  • Worktop Height: 41″ – 45″

Prasmatic TC Series Case Packer

  • 30 to 85 packages/min
  • Easy changeovers between formats
  • Packs in pad and film, tray and film, film only and wrap around cases

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