Cool Company Culture Thrives at MHS Lift

When it comes to retaining employees who enjoy coming to work, and providing customers with exceptional service, creating a strong corporate culture makes all the difference. And we’ve taken a slightly different approach to make that happen.

I bet you don’t know of a company that has a “Fun Committee” and a “No A**hole Policy!”

Enter: MHS Lift.

Our company culture is an issue of tremendous importance to us. Maintaining a great place to work and grow with us is how we’ve developed over nearly five decades into a nationally-recognized material handling supplier with over 170 employees, many who have been with us for decades. It’s just smart business to keep employees engaged – companies with top marks in employee engagement can see up to 21% higher profitability.

So how do we ensure a work environment that’s both rewarding and competitive?

  • We hire highly motivated individuals. Our team is not just talented and innovative – we look for and retain employees who have personal work standards and are committed to accountability and quality. They go the extra mile for our customers every time, and they support each other too.
  • The Fun Committee keeps things light. Representatives from each department in our business make up our Fun Committee, which meets each month to organize parties, fundraisers and community events for our team. We have Halloween costume and food contests with cash prizes, casino and bingo days in the office, and every holiday season we throw a big brunch for all of our employees and their families. The Fun Committee is always working hard to find new, exciting ways to make the MHS Lift social scene vibrant and fun!
  • We honor service. It’s no secret we have employees who have been with us for 30, 35, even 40 years. We’re proud of the fact that people want to build a career with us, so our “Years of Service” wall is prominently featured in the lobby of our corporate headquarters in Pennsauken for everyone to see.

And that “No A**hole Policy?” It really exists in our handbook, and we do enforce it. It’s a simple policy really: No one has the right to come to work and make others feel bad about themselves. We pride ourselves on our work space and treat our employees with respect and dignity, and won’t allow for anyone to act otherwise.

Think this company culture would be a great place to work? Check out our Careers page and give us a call!