V-Force Energy Solutions

Power Up With a Single Source

From our expertise in power management to our complete line of V-Force energy solutions, MHS Lift provides the solutions you need to power your forklift fleet. That adds up to more value for your business.

Onsite Evaluations

A V-Force Energy Solution is more than a selection of products that meet your design specification. Each solution leverages our team’s experience with both forklifts and motive power products across a variety of customer applications, using a consultative process to develop a solution that fits your application requirements.


Our Energy Solutions team conducts a thorough assessment of both your current and future-state operations, including an application survey, power study, data modeling and more.


Based on the results of the application assessment and data modeling, we recommend improvements than can include V-Force products and accessories, facility and process modifications and charging strategies.


Through our team of highly trained technicians, we work with your operation to implement energy processes and procedures designed to attain your business goals.


Crown’s V-Force Energy Solutions team provides ongoing support, analytics and reporting to monitor and sustain progress and help you adapt your energy strategy to meet changing requirements.

Integrated Solutions

Whether you choose lead-acid or lithium-ion as your power source, our goal is to provide a highly integrated solution in which forklifts, batteries, chargers and service work together to optimize uptime.

This compatibility of components can deliver added advantages: reduced maintenance and parts replacement, improved safety during charging and operation, and savings in time, money and energy consumption.

V-Force Batteries, Chargers and Accessories

Crown offers a comprehensive range of V-Force Energy Solutions products to fit varied operational needs, applications and budgets, with the solutions you need to build a complete power system.

  • Lithium-ion batteries
  • Tubular and flat plate lead-acid batteries
  • Deep cycle and starter batteries
  • Battery monitoring devices
  • Battery watering systems
  • High frequency chargers
  • Charger stands
  • Cables and connectors
  • Cable management
  • Battery service supplies

Fleet and Battery Management

Crown motive power experts can analyze and interpret energy consumption data to help you make informed decisions regarding power sources, charging methods, and equipment selection to increase your energy efficiency.

Crown technology solutions, like the InfoLink Operator and Fleet Management System, can provide insight for day-to-day power management.