A Guide to Optimal Efficiency: Introducing Robopac Packaging Solutions

In today’s fast-paced logistics landscape, where every second counts and efficiency is key, the importance of an optimized warehouse cannot be overstated.

As our customers strive to meet the growing demands of an ever-evolving market, packaging solutions play a powerful role in achieving a streamlined warehouse flow.

That’s why MHS Lift is excited to introduce our newest offering: Robopac. A leading provider of secondary packaging machinery, Robopac products are equipped with advanced technology to ensure reliability, safety and optimal efficiency in your warehouse.

With a wide range of products and features, choosing the right fit for your business can be a challenge. Let us help you find the right product to meet your operational needs.

Stretch Wrappers

There are two main categories of stretch wrappers: semi-automatics and automatics. Both semi-automatics and automatics are made up of sub-categories: turntable, vertical rotary arm and horizontal. So, what are the benefits of each?

Turntable stretch wrappers are ideal for wrapping stable loads that weigh under 4,400 pounds. Since floor space is at a premium in most facilities, choosing a reliable turntable wrapper with a small footprint is key. Depending upon the number of loads you wrap per hour, you can determine which turntable in the product line is right for you. Explore our turntables here.

Flexibility is extremely important. Robot semi-automatic stretch wrappers are portable, providing a 25% increase in productivity. Loads do not have to be taken to a set area to be wrapped – the machine comes to you. Plus, they can wrap loads of any weight, length and width – check it out.

Semi-automatics may require some human intervention like pushing a button to start the machine, attaching the film to the load before starting the wrap cycle or cutting the film at the end of the load. Statistics show that the less the operator engages with the load directly, the safer and more productive they will be. For example, if your semi-automatic stretch wrapper includes an automatic film cutting and sealing device, then the equipment will cut and seal the film to the bottom of the load at the end of the wrap cycle automatically. Why is this important? It allows the operator to stay on the fork truck to stage other loads or perform other functions while the machine is wrapping the load, increasing productivity. Keeping them on the fork truck keeps them safe, preventing injuries from bending over to attach the film to the load or cutting it at the end of the wrap cycle. Check out our wide variety of semi-automatic stretch wrappers here.

If you have more demanding, higher speed applications, then an automatic stretch wrapper may be the right solution. Automatics can include conveyor systems to stage and run multiple loads, corner board placers to protect sides of loads, and dual wrap arms for increased productivity.


Automatic palletizing eliminates unnecessary labor, improves productivity and increases safety in your shipping operation. Is floor space an issue in your warehouse? Consider a palletizer with small footprint machines that offer concurrent stretch wrapping within the palletizer. This reduces floor space requirement by palletizing and stretch wrapping in once process. Browse our palletizers here.

Case Packers

Most industrial manufacturing plants deal with large-scale production every day. Unreliable or incapable machinery may break down frequently. When this happens, production must cease, and costly downtimes are the result. The right wrap around case packer and shrink wrappers must be able to reliably handle heavy-duty production. Check out MHS Lift’s variety of case packers made to keep the packing process moving forward.

Whether you need a single case packer or a customized optimization plan, MHS Lift has a team of experts who are ready to help optimize your business.

With a proven track record for refining and identifying opportunities for improvement, MHS Lift engineers can instantly boost performance and capabilities in your warehouse. Call today so we can find the best fit for you – (877) 647-9320.