Service, Any Time: Introducing MHS Lift My Fleet 365

These days, businesses have enough to worry about – and time is money.

Filling customer orders, business development, handling payroll and employees, and much more – who has time to worry when a forklift needs to be repaired? That’s where MHS Lift steps in.

We’re proud to unveil our latest feature to help keep businesses running smoothly and efficiently all year long: MHS Lift My Fleet 365. Our brand-new, completely custom service web portal and mobile application will allow businesses to stay up to date on projects in a few simple steps.  

The MHS Lift Difference

My Fleet 365 provides our customers with a seamless experience for service and repairs. Users can place service orders with the simple scan of a QR code, and then manage and track orders right from their mobile device – using the mobile application.

Customers will also have access to stats like average completion time or average jobs completed by the MHS Lift service technicians within a 24-hour window. My Fleet 365 works intuitively with MHS Lift’s service database granting customers access to all information 24/7.

“With the goal of creating a portal that was seamlessly integrated with all of the information we have available, we brainstormed, researched and implemented features that we feel each customer would want to know at every step of the service repair cycle – regardless of the size of the business,” says Andy Levin, President, MHS Lift.

My Fleet 365 Features:

  • Customized for each client
  • Real time status of open jobs
  • ETAs of service parts
  • Multiple options for placing any service request
  • QR code capability in the mobile application
  • Reporting
  • Invoice capabilities
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Cost breakdown of fleet
  • Much more!

Complimentary for MHS Lift customers, My Fleet 365 is customized for each client, so their precious time can be spent on other aspects of work. Plus, customers will have real-time access to their business’ information at the press of a button.

MHS Lift is dedicated to bringing the highest level of service in everything we do. We’re confident our customers will find this new value-added feature to be helpful and efficient.

Watch a quick overview video of My Fleet 365.

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