Acme Corrugated Box, Inc.

For Fast & Efficient Service, Rely on MHS Lift

For Acme Corrugated Box Co. Inc., keeping everything running smoothly at their massive 250,00-square-foot facility in Hatboro, Pa. is a matter of greatest importance – that’s why they turn to the team at MHS Lift for their forklift needs.

“We are a manufacturer of corrugated boxes, and we’re using forklifts throughout our entire operation,” explains Jeremy Cohen, VP of Operations for Acme Corrugated Box.

As the leading box manufacturer in the Mid-Atlantic region, Acme uses state-of-the-art equipment and processes to serve all aspects of their client’s packaging needs – and to move their product, they rely on MHS Lift.

“We use forklifts to transport all our product, so that’s everything from when our product is a work in progress to when we’re loading our finished goods into trailers,” Jeremy says.

MHS Lift has worked with Acme for 16 years, leasing and providing service for all forklifts, including roll clamp trucks, which feature a special hydraulic clamp that can handle rolls of paper. MHS Lift has also provided Acme with different warehouse needs, including racking and other services.

As a 24/7 operation, Acme relies on MHS Lift to fulfill all needs right away.

“We expect a lot from them, and they’ve given us great service over the years,” Jeremy says. “If we need a service person here, we need it fast. MHS Lift always sends someone quickly.”

Jeremy works closely with MHS Lift’s Andy and Brett Levin to make sure Acme’s forklift and transport needs are met efficiently and at a fair price.

“They’re a good partner,” he says. “They’re honest people trying to help us out.”