Kramer Beverage

From First Forklift to Warehouse Optimization – a Trusted Partner for 40 Years

Mark Kramer, Kramer Beverage

MHS Lift has long been a staple in Kramer Beverage’s operations – MHS sold the wholesale beverage distributor its first forklift 40 years ago, and the business relationship has only strengthened over time.

“MHS Lift really cares about our success,” observes Mark Kramer, President, Kramer Beverage. Since that first forklift, Kramer Beverage has grown to become South Jersey’s largest beer wholesaler, providing beer, wine and spirits to stores and restaurants from Princeton to Cape May. Kramer Beverage orders forklifts, pallet jacks, racking and all battery and electric equipment from MHS Lift, and relies on them for equipment service as well.

And Mark knows that the MHS Lift team will work tirelessly to help his business run smoothly. “Brett and Andy Levin, as owners, are very accessible – they stay on top of the newest equipment and technology, and their team helps us run a more efficient business,” he says. “Over the years, we’ve seen we can count on them as a great partner.”

Recently, when Kramer Beverage needed to add 125,000 square feet of space to their warehouse in Hammonton, N.J., they turned to MHS Lift’s solutions experts. Under the guidance of MHS Lift’s Integrated Solutions Department, the Kramer Beverage and MHS Lift teams hashed out a plan to optimize the additional space, and MHS provided Kramer Beverage with 100,000 square feet of racking to accommodate their additional inventory.

Finally, Mark knows that a good partnership isn’t just about money. “Andy and Brett are good employers, and they are civic-minded too,” he says. “That’s important to me as a business owner, and I look for partners where it’s important to them as well. It’s not just about making every last dollar – they’ve created an environment where their employees do well, and where the community benefits due to MHS Lift giving back as well.”