Charge and Go with Lithium-Ion Batteries

Lithium forklift batteries are an industry game-changer.

They deliver higher cycle life, longer runtimes and surprising value when compared to traditional lead acid batteries. Other benefits include: operational efficiency, increased energy efficiency, consistent power, faster charging speeds, fewer batteries and less maintenance.

Pitfalls of the Alternative

Lead acid batteries – the alternative to lithium – require specialized maintenance, manpower and battery changing equipment. Onsite personnel or an outside specialist needs to maintain and water these batteries, charge them based on different profiles and application needs, change them and conduct an equalizing charge at least ONCE A WEEK. If that’s not frustrating enough, if lead acid batteries are charged more than needed, the battery life can be cut short.

Since a forklift may utilize 1-3 batteries, which requires changing equipment that costs anywhere from $20,000 – $100,000, it’s well worth looking into lithium as an option.

Lithium = Efficiency & Long-Term ROI

Lithium batteries are easier to manage and efficient. Additional personnel is not required to charge the battery: The same truck operator can hop off the truck for only five minutes or so, charge the battery and jump back on. During this short time period, the power is returned immediately to the battery and work can resume.

When considering making the switch to lithium, be sure to evaluate the long-term benefits of lithium batteries – not just the price alone.

Although it can cost 3 to 4 times more than a lead acid batter, lithium batteries hold 2 to 3½ times the power upfront. So you’re buying more guaranteed power upfront without the maintenance costs associated with lead acid. The majority of lead acid batteries guarantees 60% of power after five years, meaning most customers will need to replace that battery to get through their shifts.

The bottom line: Lithium outperforms lead acid batteries and saves replacement and service costs over time.

How’s that for ROI?