Hiring Good People in a Competitive Market

By Amy Barrie, MHS Lift HR Director

“Are you an a**hole?”

Might be hard to believe, but this question may be asked during an MHS Lift interview. It may sound like a joke, but really, it’s part of our policy. Yes, we have a No A**hole Policy!

Let’s face it… it’s a competitive hiring market in virtually any industry – and ours is no exception. Regardless, in addition to looking at the “hard” skills like work experience, we add an extra layer to our hiring practice based on ethics and values – the “soft” skills. Why? We’re also looking for a “cultural” fit – people who share our core values. To put it simply, our philosophy is: You can teach someone how to fix a forklift, but you can’t teach someone how to be a good person with values.

Our values – excellence, innovation, dignity, ethics – are at the core of our culture. We hold these principles close to us because they play an important role in our everyday lives on the job. For example, our Forklift Service Technicians are each solely responsible for their van full of inventory. Sales Coordinators order equipment and issue bills that are sent directly to our customers. It’s critical that we hire respectful, honest people and feel confident trusting them.

Whatever their role is, our employees interact with each other, and sometimes with our partners and customers, daily. We believe that investing in good people who will contribute to a positive work environment and a positive customer service experience is a top recruitment priority. This additional hiring screening is how we’ve achieved our reputation for going “above and beyond” and our position as an industry leader.

MHS Lift is continuously interviewing to meet the growing demands of our business. Forklift Service Technicians and Sales Coordinators are a few of the many positions open at MHS Lift. Learn more and apply today: www.mhslift.com/careers